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Dear Apple – your computers can also be affected by Malware

Dear Apple,

Your computers are vulnerable to malware, and I wish to draw your attention to the practices employed at a number of retail outlets I have visited recently.

Apple Worm

Apple botnets are real

A friends father was seeking antivirus and protection software for their computer (an iMac) so investigated antivirus and malware protection for their Macintosh computer. My experience was surprising.

At all outlets, apparently it is near impossible for a Mac to get a virus. This is a great thing, and filled me with great joy. Apparently, the chances are so low, that I need not worry about them. I was told twice (in different stores) that I was “Wasting my money”. This appears to be at odds with the security communities views of the risk.

While small, the risk is still there, and the response of the highly trained staffers in your stores concerns me greatly. While the risk is mostly from browser based issues, the need for some defence against malware operating in browsers, (cross site scripting, and phishing), actively discouraging users of your machines and operating systems appears to be negligent in the extreme.

On one occasion, a staffer even volunteered that they had not knowingly ever experienced a virus. Questioning her further, I discovered that she had not even installed detection software. Without detection software, how would she know if she had been affected, or even affected by other threats such as botnets.

I recognise the threat is less than other systems, however, if a member of the public wishes to purchase a product, I see no reason why they should be so actively discouraged. Especially when the product will detect and remove windows based viruses from their email when forwarding.

By having the sales channel actively discourage the purchase of these products; it might seem that not allowing Apple users to know they are possibly passing on viruses unknowingly to other people might be seen to be part of the problem, not the solution.

I suggest that you correctly inform your supply chain in a way that sets the record straight, and continue the great work Apple has done to date in providing a safe online environment for their customers.

Best regards,



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      Thank you very much for the compliment – we hope you continue to follow us here, or on our Facebook page

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