George – Founder and Principal Executive

George has over 20 years of working with computers in his professional career. Building large computer and complicated computer systems in the days before prepackaged solutions were freely available, George and his teams often needed to build systems from scratch. This experience has given George great insight and understanding of the working of computers and the software that runs on them.

While having strong technical skills, George is able to bridge the gap between tech-speak, and the world of the non-technical.

He worked for Microsoft during the boom period of the early 1990’s, Telstra during the boom of PhoneCards, the initial days of Geographic Information Systems in environmental management and remote sensing, and built from the ground up a Customer Relationship Management systems for FOXTEL in the late 1990’s. George has also previously held global product managment and marketing roles at Solution 6. George’s recent career has involved working in a number of central federal Government agencies discovering the workings of bureaucracy.

George is married and the father of three girls so with his knowledge of Computer systems, online safety for your family is important to him.

Enjoying skiing, time off with the family, and the garden George is rarely quiet, however in those rare moments, time with family and friends is precious.

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