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SCAM Alert: PC Support World Windows Event viewer

March 20 7 comments

Scam alertHi everyone, this was just too important to ignore.

Last night we were targeted by a scammer… yup – dumb huh… WRONG people!

What was the scam? Read more…

The best modem feature? The power switch!

December 5 Leave a comment

This week, we had a number of conversations about some basic features to have on a modem – so we thought it a good idea to talk about what features a modem should have, and why. Read more…

Dear Apple – your computers can also be affected by Malware

November 18 3 comments

Dear Apple,

Your computers are vulnerable to malware, and I wish to draw your attention to the practices employed at a number of retail outlets I have visited recently. Read more…

National Identity Fraud Awareness Week

October 17 Leave a comment

This week is National Identity Fraud awareness week in Australia and the Federal Police there have made a great checklist available in the form of a survey for you to see how exposed you might be.

I encourage you all and others to do this quick check (only 5 minutes) and get some ideas on how to protect yourself better from identity theft. There are also some great tips for our children as well – in particular the practice of scanning ID cards to get into venues!! More on that later.

Remember – Commenting on or liking our Facebook pages will get you an entry in the giveaway which closes at the end of the month.

Link to Australian Federal Police Identity Fraud awareness week survey

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