About Us


As a father of three young girls, and working in Information Technology for over 15 years, our founder and Principal Executive is acutely aware of the threats to my family online.

Our other founder has also been working in the technology arena for a similar time, and we decided to start sharing what we know with you to help other parents reduce the risk to their families from a connected world.

We have set up this blog to share information that we have discovered about our children’s journey into the online world.  We hope you like our site, and come back often.  Feel free to contribute if you wish, and together we can all help to make the journey for our children into a connected world.

miFamily.net has been created to help parents understand the connected world. We will soon have a new web site available for you to browse with lots of great tips and help. This will give you real advice and instructions on how to improve your home network security, defend against malware (viruses, and spam), and also help you control how and when you children use their connected devices at home. Please check back soon, or leave some contact details and we will be in touch.

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