SPAM and Privacy policy

Both and the SCandOGS Family Trust value your privacy as much as we value our own. Membership and the browsing of these pages of this page does not disclose your email address to us. If you wish to stay in touch, then please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or directly here.

We are annoyed by scams, and annoying marketing information that arrives in our email in-boxes as well. This is why we are using Facebook in this pre-beta phase of our startup.

Because of this, we will not sell on your details to anyone else. If another organisation approaches us for details of our members, we will not divulge your details to them without your permission (except where we are obliged to under law).

We may allow other providers to offer you discounts on products we also see as being both relevant and of value to you. Where this happens, we will send on the details to you, not the other organisation.

Should you post anything on these pages that is derogatory, disrespectful, out of character with the miFamily pages, then the offending post will be removed, and we may decide to be block and report your account.

More detail about tracking can be found in our detailed privacy statement.

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