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15 minute steps to improve your home technology environment

January 25 Leave a comment

We promised earlier this month a series on setting up you home for safe technology usage, after the technology gifting that most likely happened in your home over the festive season.

The topics we will cover are:

  1. Centralise device charging
  2. Know what you have Read more…

Change default passwords on devices

November 8 Leave a comment

Devices that connect you to the internet all come with default passwords. One of the first tasks in protecting your network and family from online threats shoudl be setting these devices up with a strong password.

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Tip #2 – understand how your family connects

November 8 Comments off

To begin to control the online world of your family, you will need to really understand a bit about how your family interacts with the online world. Here are some real tips to understand what sort of risk there is to your family technology environment.

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Low-tech Bedrooms are key to managing online time

November 8 Comments off

We can’t stress enough how important this is. When you realise that on average, teenagers in North America send 33 text messages to their boy/girl friend(s) a night between midnight and 5am, it comes as no surprise that teenagers, who are already tired due to puberty – are also tired due to lack of sleep. Read more…

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