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Welcome to the miFamily home on the net. We are setting out to achieve is increased knowledge and awareness of the risks associated with an ‘always on’ connected world. In particular, the number of ways that this can affect our children increases daily. We are providing information to help parents control the technology environment within the home.

For a new way of providing online safety information to families in a way that is both practical and useful check out the websites listed below, and register for updates.

We have two main ways to register: Read more…

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Stay up to date

The #1 tip to keep your computers at home safe from attack is to keep your computer operating system up to date.

There are numerous attacks daily on design weaknesses in computers and it is a constant challenge for hackers to find them, and companies to correct them.

Here are some links for you and your operating system.

Safer Internet Day – check your privacy settings

February 10 Leave a comment

Today is the World Safer Internet Day, and a good day to stocktake your privacy settings, and here are some good tips. Read more…

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Merry Christmas from miFamily to yours

December 25 Leave a comment

Have a look at our quick tips if you are giving technology presents this festive season. Low technology bedrooms, aim to get to 2-hours a day of screen time for New presents and check out the parental controls as well.

Read more…

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Manage Facebook Privacy settings

December 30 3 comments

facebook_crackedFacebook changed it’s privacy settings recently, and some things are really bad. read on for more information about what has changed and how you need to set up both your childrens site, and yours to avoid any tricky situations with accidental sharing of your personal information. Read more…

Manage geolocation on iOS devices

December 28 Leave a comment

GeoTag DangerWe have previously written about the dangers of geolocation services, and the importance of turning off geolocation services on your devices.

Normally, this is great feature, and very useful, however this feature is is becoming more of an issue as more apps seek to find out where you live, and places you frequent. Read more…

Parents Christmas gift technology guide

December 25 Leave a comment

Christmas PresentIf last year is any indication to this year, 85% of presents given to children were technology. Since then there have been many changes in privacy, and all the tools have received some big changes. Here are some of the changes, and some tips to help you set up your devices.

Read more…

Warnings about holidays and “check-ins”

April 5 2 comments

GeoTag Danger

Risks of geo-tagging

Did you know that your smart phone could unknowingly be putting you in danger? A number of applications and social networking sites “Geotag” your location when you post or take pictures. Your privacy settings might also allow others to tag you at these locations!

This is a useful feature in certain circumstances. However, it does allow others to watch your every move. For example, Facebook allows you to do a simple “check in”. Read more…

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