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Privacy 2: How do I protect my privacy?

As promised, here is the second article in the series on privacy.

We previously talked about why companies chose to know so much about us. We also talked very briefly about how to go about protecting your privacy online. This week, we will dig a bit deeper into what actual things you need to do to protect your privacy. here are some simple things that every web site tells you to do…

  1. Research antiSpam software – even for the Apple branded computers (see our post here)
  2. For any emails tagged spam, do not view images in the message – this will give away that the email was read, and confirm that the email was a real one.

However, as miFamily is set up to give you real help, try the following exercise. If the instructions are too tricky, then you can Contact us to request a FREE template to help  later on:

  1. If you have access to a spreadsheet program, then create a new spreadsheet.
  2. For the moment leave Column A blank.
  3. In Column B: List the social web sites you are a part of. If you are struggling, then there is a list tagged at the bottom of  this article.
  4. On Row 2, Column A start listing the items of information that you share. Here is an abbreviated list: Name, Address, telephone numbers, email addresses, children names, wife name, relationship status, photos, checkins, previous employers, current employer.
  5. Now fill in which sites (columns) you publish the information on, by ticking a box.

With your list, use a search engine (Link below, or Google, Yahoo, Bing) search for your information and be amazed about how much of what you thought was private!

If you are uncomfortable about how much information you have online, then you will need to get comfortable with the privacy settings of each site. We have an earlier post about Facebook privacy settings referenced below as well. If this all seems a bit scary, then contact us and we will send you our FREE privacy profiler template to use.


If you wish for more articles like this one, then please like our Facebook page, and this article – also post comments if this was helpful, or you have more questions.

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