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Manage geolocation on iOS devices

GeoTag DangerWe have previously written about the dangers of geolocation services, and the importance of turning off geolocation services on your devices.

Normally, this is great feature, and very useful, however this feature is is becoming more of an issue as more apps seek to find out where you live, and places you frequent.

For example, facebook has changed its privacy settings to no longer give you the option to hide geolocation data on photos, check-ins, and posts. in the holiday season, this causes security issues as strangers may suddenly know that you are a long way from home.

If you are not on facebook, then do not think you are immune. Some GPS Cameras automatically embed the location a photo was taken. If one of your friends uploads this image and then tags you in it, the facebook maps application will locate the picture for you without your permission.

Settings > Privacy > Location Services OFF, turned on when you want them to be on. The settings in this section allow various applications (apps) to use   the devices geo-location services to pin-point your location. These features   are sometimes very useful, for catching a cab, or many other things, however   unknown to you are how other apps use these settings. For example, allowing   your camera app to access geo-location services will mean that if a photo is   uploaded to Facebook, the location is included in your maps – WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION.
Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services Genius for Apps: OFF
Location based iAds: OFF
Some of these system settings are actually useful for the operation of   your phone. To auto detect the time-zone you are in, and traffic on the maps   app. So many of these we leave on, however items like iAds, and Genius are   designed to allow your location to be shared with other providers for the sole   purpose of advertising to you. We recommend turning these ones off.

The only hope is how you go about setting up your facebook privacy settings, and we will cover that in the next article.

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