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Limit screen time to 2 hours a day

We know this one is going to be hard over Christmas, however, our recent survey shows that over 90% of families are giving technology this Christmas.

It is a goal that you will need to set. It is also a goal that should be set up front with technology gifts. This way, any gift receiving day (birthday, or Christmas) can be an exception, and then revert to normal behaviour the day after.

This article illustrates why this is important, and gives you some tips on how to set up this environment.

A recent survey of over 2,500 children in the United Kingdom found that over half spend more than 2 hours a day watching television and on their computer. Also concerning was that almost as many (46%) had access to the internet in their own room. This flies in the face of a low-tech bedroom and having a computer in an open and accessible location.

There are a number of other studies indicating adverse health impacts of this aspect of family life:

  • children between 3 and 8 in front of television may increase the chances of asthma (1).
  • 30% chance of “attention issues” by age 7
  • Being exposed to fast food advertising, these children are more likely to be overweight

How to see if your children are over doing screen time?

  1. Look where your children use their screen time
  2. Review screen time in your house
  3. Have a conversation with your children about other activities like reading, or garden play.

We have developed a simple template to use (we even used it in our family). We will share this with you by email when you contact us. Also, remember to like our Facebook community here as well.


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