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Facebook Viruses, SPAM, and Phishing

According to a recent CNet article:

in 2009, 90% of email traffic is SPAM.

With Spammers and marketeers devising clever ways to target Facebook users and their friends, this will increase significantly. When you consider that in 2009 Facebook had around 150 million users, at the time of writing this has increased 450% to over 650 million – in around 2 years!

If you are like me, you get updates in your mail from friends who post. Sometimes these posts are automated, and the results of sneaky spammers.

Just today, one of our members clicked on an innocent link that said it would tell them who is viewing their profile. This triggered a script that ran through their entire friend list and posted a similar invitation on their walls. The effect of this on someone with 100 friends could generate as many as 500 emails within hours. All because you trusted the referral from a friend to get some information on your profile.

This type of attack is a classical TROJAN.

In short, do not like on any links that promise to tell you things about other people. Facebook security is set up to not divulge things about themselves if they don’t want to.

This particular link related to the clickily.ws ‘virus’. The only way to remove it was to:

  1. Shutdown your browser and wait a few minutes
  2. Open up your browser and log back in to facebook
  3. Go to your home wall by clicking on the Facebook icon in the top right of the page.
  4. See all of the posts the virus made to your friends walls.
  5. Click on your friend’s pages, and when there you will see your post.
  6. If you hover over the like links at the bottom, you will see a small cross on the top right of the post.
  7. Click on it, and choose to remove the post.
  8. Do this for each of the posts made on your friend’s pages.
  9. ADVANCED Tip, configure your firewall to block the domain bafesar.info where the script is actually downloaded from.
  10. NEVER be tempted by some other variants to cut and past text into your browser.

For this miFamily member with 74 friends, this resulted in 74 automated posts and it took over 30 minutes out of their evening for a knowledgeable person to fix! How long would it take you to fix?


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