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Tip #2 – understand how your family connects

November 8

To begin to control the online world of your family, you will need to really understand a bit about how your family interacts with the online world. Here are some real tips to understand what sort of risk there is to your family technology environment.

Create a simple table:

  • List all the technology devices that connect to the internet down the left hand side of a page
  • List who uses technology at your house across the top of the page

Table 1: Sample technology profile










Apple iPhone 3
Apple iPhone 4
Apple iPad
Samsung Smart phone
  • Now list the way the devices connect:
    • WiFi, Mobile broadband (3G, 4G), wired network
  • Next, grab a clean sheet of paper, and Write ‘Internet’ in the Top left hand corner, and then connect up your devices.

We’ll be posting a sample shortly, however if you wish to ask further questions, contact us using the Contact page on this site or ask a post some feedback here.

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