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Low-tech Bedrooms are key to managing online time

November 8

We can’t stress enough how important this is. When you realise that on average, teenagers in North America send 33 text messages to their boy/girl friend(s) a night between midnight and 5am, it comes as no surprise that teenagers, who are already tired due to puberty – are also tired due to lack of sleep.

Create a central place for all devices to live overnight in a visible location in the house. It will pay dividends for you in ways you ca not begin to imagine:

  • More even mannered children
  • Better grades
  • Less technology addiction

Check back here soon and we will outline even more benefits to this approach, and how to go about setting up a low-tech bedroom. Things you may wish to consider before doing this are:

  1. Conduct a technology review
  2. Begin on a program of technology accountability.

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